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01. Certificate in Financial Accounting 09. ABE HRM Level 4, 5, 6
02. ICAM Technician Diploma 10. ABE Marketing Management Level 4, 5, 6
03. ICAM Knowledge Level 11. ABMA Community and Rural Development
04. ICAM Professional Level 12. ICM Project Management
05. CIPS Procurement and Supply 13. ACCA-Found in Acc
06. ABE Business Management Level 4 14. ACCA Professional Level
07. ABE Business Management Level 5 15. Banking (Cert, Dip, Advanced Dip)
08. ABE Business Management Level 6 16. CIM Marketing (All Levels Weekend Only)


01. 04.
02. 05.
03. 06.

Mode of Study

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Weekend January - June Semester
Day Release July December Semester


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Credit in English Credit in Mathematics
Pass in English Pass in Mathematics
I promise to abide by Rules and Regulations of PACT College, I authorise PACT College to publish my name if I ****** in my Examinations. I also authorise PACT to recommend me to any Employer who would require my services.
NB: You are allowed to change subjects in the first 2 Months of the Semester.